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We offer precision cutting, styling, and coloring services for all hair textures, lifestyle coaching and private yoga.

Our talented team of mobile hairstylists, coaches, healers and teachers understand that beauty and wellness aren’t one-size-fits-all. We’ll work with you to create a style, regimen and energetic shift that authentically expresses who you are becoming and strategically caters to your individual needs, desires and goals.

What We Do


We pride ourselves in precision cutting techniques for all hair textures. After diving deep into your desired transformation, you will be taught how to simply care for your hair and scalp needs between snips. Prepare for a holistic experience and your styling mysteries solved.


Styling mysteries are solved when it comes to mixed textures, cowlicks, dry ends, oily scalps and dream reinventions. Anything is possible with Sodada techniques and guidance, all while using gentle processes that heal your hair and save you time.


Color you can count on to last, be gentle and safe. Your natural curls, waves and kinks will flow harmoniously without the effect of harsh chemicals. Color tones are artfully selected to be flattering and expressive while you are professionally guided in a simple and customized maintenance routine. 


Holistic Beauty & Wellness Coaching is designed to address your current struggles and establish realistic goals, practice mindset shifts and customize a holistic routine that sticks. This can include:

*harsh products, tools or services detox

*onboard mind, body, beauty and soul healing techniques


Growing into adolescence my hair began to coil. My Brazilian mothers’ solution was keratin, so I never developed a relationship with my curls. In 2020 I decided to start my curly hair journey. I found Solange through social media and was very happy with my first major cut. It paved the way for my curl maintenance. During our meeting she analyzed my curl pattern and texture. She educated me on local products she had previous success with and hacks to keeping my curl moisture. I left satisfied and feeling sexy. 

In 2023, craving a change during transitional times usually involves bleach. I dyed my virgin dark chestnut hair with a “trusted professional”. The vision was summer caramel locks, the results were orange bronze streaks. As panic set in, I racked my brain for the last time my hair felt safe. Solange was top of mind, and like an angel sent from heaven, she resuscitated my hair once again. I can’t stress enough that I had Virgin hair, capital V. 

I give her my complete trust. If anyone is on the fence about an exciting haircut or change, I highly recommend someone like Solange. She will take the time to ask you the questions that will align your expectations and her performance.

sodada Wisdom

June Hair

As the summer heat and sun intensifies, it’s important to consider what is realistic to maintain when it comes to color. Stronger sunshine, ocean salt and pool chlorine all contribute to fading, dryness and damage. Because of that I don’t

Yoga Post of The Month: Legs Up The Wall

A great yoga pose for cooling down this summer is the “Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose” (Viparita Karani) This restorative pose helps calm the nervous system and promotes relaxation, which can be particularly soothing during the hot summer months. How to do Legs-Up-the-Wall

The Divine Feminine Oracle

“No matter where I am, I am home. The most sacred sanctuary is found within me.” Hestia represents the warmth, protection and sanctuary we feel when we know we are home. Coming from Greece as Zeus’ sister, her name translates


We are proud to support locally made hair and skin product lines that are natural, vegan, organic and created with essential oil and Ayurvedic blends. These carefully curated selection of brands are designed to work with all hair textures, skin types and conditions, encouraging holistic harmony inside and out.

Brands We Love


Sayblee Haircare

Mulberry Silk Bedding and Accessories



Amazon Bontip Glass Spray Bottle, Amber Bottle




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