An artist-driven hairdressing experience
in an intimate home envirnoment.

I guide you in achieving low maintenance, long lasting designer haircuts for every texture. With about 25 years of experience in the arts, any and all creative concepts are achievable.

the Sodada

Transforming how you love yourself​

Diving into your hair story

Your hair story matters. It’s got a mind of its own and a variety of manifestations. Beginning with a soulful consultation and hair texture examination, we will identify why your haircuts haven’t worked in the past and strategize personalized techniques and holistic self-care solutions moving forward. You’ll feel empowered to embrace your natural locks any day with love.

Setting your hair goals

Any goal you set will require letting go of specific practices in order to allow space for a new holistic routine. Your goals can range from consistently healthy, easy and hydrated results to achieving defined, creative, non-binary or bossy looks. Once identify your dream hair be prepared to take action in order to get there together.

Custom Sculpted Cut

Experience a designer shape that caters to your unique needs through mindful attention to detail that goes the extra mile. Maybe your hair gets bulky on one side, twisted into knots on the other or consists of 3 different curl patterns. Your unique obstacles matter and holistic Sodada techniques will create the harmonious effect that you’ve been looking for.

Natural Care

Once your hair has been sculpted and self-love expanded, the final step includes understanding the exact tools you need and how to use them. Bust out your phone, record the session and be prepared to geek out. You’ll never be lost again. Extended coaching and mini Zoom appointments are available for follow up sessions to workshop any advanced holistic techniques further.

For All
Natural Hair

Learn how to transform your hair hollistically

Never feel confused again about the nature of your unique hair texture. If you are ready to transform your self-care routine by ditching the toxic practices and limiting beliefs that have been getting in the way of your healthy hair desires, this course is for you. In this self-directed course you will learn how to shift from disorder to peace of mind and fall in love with your natural hair by reaching the ultimate self-care.



Jessica Fisher

She combines her refined tech-
nical knowledge of haircutting
with artistic precision. Her com-
bined experience as an artist and
professional hair designer guides
her clients through a journey
towards a better version of them-
selves with a holistic focus on their
relationship with their hair.”

Livio Zanardo

“When you sit on Solange’s chair, her sole purpose is to create a hairstyle that not only looks good, but one that is uniquely yours by paying close attention to the unique traits of your hair.”


Teresa t.

“Solange is always so meticulously artistic when it comes to my hair and I love her for it. I’ve been coming here for the past two years and there’s a reason why, she’s the best hair guru in Miami.”

Sandy s.

I sat in her chair and the magic commenced. She suggested new techniques, products and love to begin incorporating with my new designer hairstyle. Solange is extremely knowledgable and a true master of her trade. I was actually witnessing as Solange took those shears and literally created magic. My hair had been taking many years of unknown abuse, so I was thrilled to be educated on how to show my hair love. My curls are more defined, hydrated and gorgeous. This experience was unforgettable, empowering, uplifting, educational and I can’t wait to get back!

LAuren s.

Being a client at Sodada made me not afraid of trying out new things and getting out of my comfort zone. A hair style that makes you feel energised and fresh on the inside and out!

Jessica Fisher

I did the Holistic Hair Transformation course and had my 14 year old read through as well as she no longer allows me to style or do anything. It’s been a process to say the least! The program was very informative and I loved the journal prompts in the MINDSET section. Where were you when I was much younger?! I will talk to my colorist here in NYC about less damaging coloring. Honestly I am so tired of coloring now that my grays are relentless but I love long hair so going gray will be a hard transition.”