June Hair

As the summer heat and sun intensifies, it’s important to consider what is realistic to maintain when it comes to color. Stronger sunshine, ocean salt and pool chlorine all contribute to fading, dryness and damage. Because of that I don’t recommend embarking on new bleach or highlighted looks. (Unless you’re up for a whole new […]

Yoga Post of The Month: Legs Up The Wall

A great yoga pose for cooling down this summer is the “Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose” (Viparita Karani) This restorative pose helps calm the nervous system and promotes relaxation, which can be particularly soothing during the hot summer months. How to do Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose: 1. Sit with one hip next to a wall. 2. Lie back as you […]

The Divine Feminine Oracle

“No matter where I am, I am home. The most sacred sanctuary is found within me.” Hestia represents the warmth, protection and sanctuary we feel when we know we are home. Coming from Greece as Zeus’ sister, her name translates to “fireplace” or “alter” and she tends to the Olympian hearth. In ancient Greek tradition, […]

June Affirmation

I embrace the warmth and vibrancy of summer, using its energy to manifest my natural glowing beauty, radiating from the inside out.

April Hair

Client spotlight, it’s been a bright month so far! Unlock the power of a radiant hairstyle that not only flatters your appearance but uplifts your energy as well. Just as flowers bloom with grace and vitality, your hair can exude a similar aura of vibrancy and confidence. Whether it’s embracing your natural texture with effortless […]

Yoga Pose Of The Month: Sun Salutation

Here is a link to 2.5min video of the beginner sequence! Repeat the sequence 3-5 times for a burst of energy! The Sun Salutation sequence offers numerous benefits for both the body and mind: Increases flexibility: The sequence involves stretching various muscles, improving flexibility over time. Strengthens muscles: It targets multiple muscle groups, including the […]

Breaking News

Or should I say, soothing news… Welcome to the new and improved shampoo experience at the Sodada loft. No more uncomfortable shampoos for color clients. This inflatable shampoo bowl has clients raving that it’s more comfortable than anything they’ve experienced. You’re invited to sit back, relax and enjoy the therapeutic effects of a classic shampoo […]

The Divine Feminine Oracle

“I am ready to heal. I am worthy of the miracles that are meant for me” Catherine Laboure was a French member of the nursing order in the 1800’s. She is responsible for creating the miraculous medal meant to remind people of the graces they get to ask for that are often forgotten. Her oracle […]

Yoga pose of the month: Standing Forward Bend

To feel the benefits of spinal decompression in this posture, allow for a slight bend in the knees. Feel the hinging in the hips and breathe slowly and deeply into the belly. Imagine revitalizing white glowy light entering your spinal cord with every inhale and release all tension with every exhale. Gift yourself at least […]