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What is Holistic Beauty Consulting?

What I Offer:

Discover the magic of my 3-month 1:1 consulting packages designed to educate, inspire, and kickstart a lifestyle change that’s uniquely yours. Once you delve into the secrets of diligently creating your optimal confident lifestyle, there’s no turning back—your transformation is inevitable!

Specialties: I specialize in guiding individuals through significant life changes, whether it’s post-divorce, a career shift, life after kids, recovery from injury/illness, etc. Together, we navigate the realms of beauty, lifestyle, and wellness.

The Sodada Beauty Transformation Package Includes:

✨ Lifetime access to The Sodada Beauty Transformation Guide

✨ Goal sheets covering the wheel of life, fitness, beauty, and self-esteem

✨ 1-hour Intro Strategy Call to kickstart your journey

✨ 30-minute Weekly Check-In Calls for consistent support

✨ 1-hour Exit Strategy Call to celebrate your achievements

✨ Access to an affiliate referral network of beauty and body professionals/healers

Imagine a life where stress and insecurity are a distant memory, replaced by relaxation and unwavering confidence. That’s where I come in—I’m not the end result; I’m the intervention. My mission is to shine a light on your unique path, providing tools and resources to support your journey to a lifestyle marked by confidence, high self-esteem, and pride, all through the pillars of beauty, empowerment, and fitness.

Your success is not just a possibility—it’s inevitable. Theres only THREE slots available at a time. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together!

This is what clients are saying about their yoga and wellness coaching with me:

“I recently began a yoga practice, and Solange’s personal instructing/coaching has been extremely helpful on my journey to getting back into physical shape. With her positive energy and focus, she encourages and motivates me every step of the way. Solange is extremely knowledgeable of body mechanics and is helping me to build my core strength to combat chronic lower back pains. She expertly modifies the yoga positions to accommodate my body limitations. I’m feeling stronger and healthier because of Solange’s efforts, and I highly recommend her as a first-class yoga instruc

Eric S.

“Solange and I are bonded by hair. But, I learned at my last appointment she had a Yoga residency at the Gold Dust Hotel. I started attending casually with another friend and then quickly started showing up regularly on my own. I’m a beginner yogi and Solange makes it really comfortable to be vulnerable and open. This bettered my breath work through our poses and adjustments.”

Anna M.

Interested in how yoga can serve you? Give me a call or text any time between 9am-5pm M-Su.