Holistic Hair Healing

Healing your hair is a journey that has many phases. The beginning of any phase requires the acknowledgement that it exists. It can look like ‘wow, my hair is dry and crispy’ or ‘Damn, I’m tired of fighting what my hair does naturally.’

Once you acknowledge that your habits and beliefs are not serving you, then comes time to assume a beginner’s mindset. Stepping into a natural and holistic lifestyle will take unlearning old ways and learning new ways.

Real time actionables in hair healing may require recycling all of your toxic products. For some, it may require a gentle conversation with your loved ones over your choice in wearing your hair naturally and requesting their respect and support.

You will have days where you don’t have patience. You will have days where everything is flowing smoothly. Be kind to yourself in any circumstance and be grateful for the lessons along the way.

If you’re hitting the same wall over and over again, ask for help. Someone somewhere will have the answer to your challenge. Request a virtual or physical consultation with me and open up to receiving some guidance. I’m happy to connect you with a pro who is an expert in your niche.

Hair healing requires getting those close to you on board. If you love your hairdresser and can not bear the thought of breaking up, ask them if they’d be open to coaching. People want to be good at what they do. If you’re the reason a pro gets to expand their technical ability, consider yourself a gift. I am available for one-on-one coaching for you and your stylist virtually or in person!

Let go of old stories carried in your hair.