June Hair

As the summer heat and sun intensifies, it’s important to consider what is realistic to maintain when it comes to color. Stronger sunshine, ocean salt and pool chlorine all contribute to fading, dryness and damage. Because of that I don’t recommend embarking on new bleach or highlighted looks. (Unless you’re up for a whole new product family, monthly salon visits and weekly at home treatments 🤪) A great way to refresh color without damage and high maintenance routines is the use of temporary gloss color.

Angie came in ready to let go of old bleached curls. We gave her a new layered look to cut out dull damaged hair AND a dark brown gloss that won’t run the risk of turning brassy during the summer months. She had her fun over the past few years with golden locks and is ready to bring her curls back to their bouncy, shiny roots.

5 ways to protect your hair this summer:

  • UV protecting products
  • Weekly conditioning treatments
  • Hats outdoors
  • Quarterly trims
  • Wet hair with shower water before dipping in ocean or pools

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