about Solange

I speak spanglish. 305 ’till I die.

I started doing hair for the love of it at age 14 and began my own salon business at age 25. I wanted to follow my heart and empower people in embracing their authentic beauty by sculpting their natural hair.

My clients are often mixed race or multi-cultural, facing struggles with their hair textures that most hairdressers aren’t taught to service in Cosmetology school. I studied Fine Art in college and continue my art practice to this day. My studies have informed the work I do behind the chair and allow me to bring harmony to the most complicated variety of textures.

After some time as a professional doing the flat iron thing, while refusing to perform keratin treatments, I decided ‘screw this’. I was tired of cooking hair when I saw so much beauty in its natural state.

That’s how I began to develop my Culturally Competent Hairdressing Techniques. I have helped hundreds of people to better understand their specific hair needs and make peace with their identities. My services are healing and instill confidence in the human spirit.

What are some challenges you have faced as an entrepreneur and artist?


What are the successes you have reached you are most proud of?


My ultimate goal is to impact the industry from both consumer and professional angles in order to grow the holistic and natural hair movement. Showing consumers that they have personal agency while teaching professionals how to do the same would create a huge shift in the self-love movement for the betterment of society.

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