The Divine Feminine Oracle

“No matter where I am, I am home. The most sacred sanctuary is found within me.”

Hestia represents the warmth, protection and sanctuary we feel when we know we are home. Coming from Greece as Zeus’ sister, her name translates to “fireplace” or “alter” and she tends to the Olympian hearth. In ancient Greek tradition, Hestia is the sacred fire that sits in the center of someone’s home or village. Her flame would be carried to new homes from the mother village. She is the fire that grounds us and stops our wondering. Representing the tangible unseen connection that unites us in community and home.

Hestia is showing up for us now to remind us to take a break, be kind to ourselves and create a nurturing warmth within. She is the most drama free of Greek gods and can always be counted on. Can you count on yourself to create that cozy safe feeling your grandmother (or grandmother figure) is known for? Are you taking time to sit by the metaphorical fire and express gratitude for all that you’ve accomplished? Try not to overdo the activities this summer and slow your roll during these exhausting humid months. Hydrate, come back to peace and take a load off.

Soul voice meditation:

“Am I a safe place to be?”