Yoga Pose of the Week: Downward Facing Dog

Stress manifests in the mind and body in many different ways, from emotional turmoil like anxiety, depression and overwhelm to chronic back pain, neck stiffness and injuries. When the body talks it’s your responsibility to listen.

Yoga has been a total mind, body and spirit part of my maintenance routine for 15 years now. It’s healed my mind from anxiety, my body from panic attacks, heals my chronic back pain and continues to act as a preventative practice from the curse of 24 hour migraines that visit me whenever I’ve lost touch with my intuition.

I received my 200hr certification back in 2017 and finally started teaching in studios in 2022. This year I earned a 300hr certification AND soft launched my private yoga packages to clients through word of mouth and it’s been an instant hit!

To be honest, I love working one on one with people. I love being a coach to your transformation. My private yoga clients have seen significant improvements in their sense of peace, mobility, emotional release and strength. My teaching has been so successful this year that half of Sodada revenue now comes from yoga, making my vision a reality of Sodada embodying a Beauty AND Wellness brand!

Not only do I offer private classes, I am now launching group outdoor sunset classes at Museum Park near downtown Miami!


Private sessions average $122.22/ea